The Dutch Cycling Academy (DCA) is an informal network of academics and researchers whose research domain touches some aspect of cycling as transport mode in the Netherlands.

Our Mission:

  1. Consolidate robust Dutch cycling research and intellectual thought under one cover.
  2. Assist in exporting Dutch cycling successes, challenges, and other aspects to other contexts.
  3. Serve as a dynamic platform to discuss recent findings and further research needs.
  4. Enhance the standing of the research community as partner in international research programs.
  5. Promote relevant research and teaching activities on cycling at partner institutes.

Our Film: Why We Cycle

Visit the Why We Cycle website to organize a screening in your city

Our Annual Conference

The Cycling Research Board (CRB) invites contributions from multiple perspectives to better understand the role of bicycling in changing urban systems and vice versa. The 2nd Annual Meeting of CRB in 2019 is organized by the Dutch Cycling Academy and aims to become a recurring meeting for a high-quality academic community around cycling research.

Our Education Products

Our Planning the Cycling City Amsterdam summer school is hosted annually by the University of Amsterdam with a program of speakers from various members of the Dutch Cycling Academy. Together, we examine the impacts of history, policy, infrastructure, planning, and culture within the context of urban cycling in the Netherlands. Next to this, the programme invites students to bring and share their personal views and experiences on cycling cities. As the world’s cycling capital, Amsterdam offers a premier environment for engaging with all of this.

Our Cycling in Cities international PhD summer school is hosted by TRAIL research school in the Netherlands. The TRAIL summer school aims to provide theoretical guidance and methods to better evaluate and understand changing travel behaviour, in particular cycling behaviour. It offers PhD students a multidisciplinary basis with regard to current knowledge and research approaches, so that you can build on this in
your own research.

Together with Coursera, we are currently working on a massive open online course (MOOC): Unravelling the Cycling City. In the meantime, try our pilot MOOC and stay tuned for updates!